Presentation Information


Regular talks are 20 minutes long, followed by 10 minutes for questions. Please take time to introduce yourself to the session chair before the start of your session.

Laptops can be attached to the projector in the auditorium using either HDMI or VGA cables. Mac users should make sure to bring an appropriate adaptor. We recommend that you test your presentation set-up during a break before your session to ensure that there are no technical problems. For slides, we recommend a minimum font size of 24 point, given the screen size in the room. Due to the acoustic properties of the room, a lapel microphone will be provided for use during the talks. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any additional technical requirements.

We encourage all presenters to provide printed handouts, including those using slides for their presentations. We recommend preparing approximately 120 copies of your handout.


Poster sessions are 90 minutes long. You should be prepared to attend your poster and answer audience questions throughout your session.

Poster boards are 4.5′ wide and 5.5′ tall (54″ x 66″; 137 cm x 167 cm). Any poster size or format that fits this space is acceptable. Thumbtacks and tape will be provided.

For helpful tips on designing effective posters, see the LSA poster guidelines.

Photocopy services

We recommend bringing any photocopies that you need with you to Los Angeles. For local photocopy services, check here.