There are several different options for getting from the airport (LAX) to USC: driving yourself, getting driven in a shuttle or cab, or taking a bus or public transportation.


Renting a car may be expensive, but it’s the only way to get the real-deal LA experience of rush hour traffic.

  • Take the 105 (Century) Freeway East.
  • Merge onto the 110 (Harbor) Freeway North.
    • Be careful to avoid the toll lanes; you get fined if you use them.
  • Take the Exposition Boulevard exit.
  • Go straight through the light at 37th Street, keeping left.
  • Continue under the freeway bridge and across Flower Street.
    • If you’re going to the Radisson: turn right at Figueroa Street; the hotel will be a few hundred feet ahead on the right side of the street.
    • If you’re going straight to USC: go across Figueroa Street and turn right into the main University Park campus entrance at Exposition Boulevard and Pardee Way.


Easy and relatively cheap; plus, you get to swap travel stories with strangers.

  • Two options: Prime Time Shuttle or Super Shuttle
    • Both shuttles go directly to USC and back to LAX.
    • Shared van price: $17 USD each way
  • You can book your shuttle online:
  • You can also book a shuttle when you arrive (at higher cost):
    • Upon arriving at LAX, first collect all of your baggage from Baggage Claim.
    • Proceed outside and look for the orange “Shared Ride Van” sign located on the outer island (there should be no need to cross the street).
    • Contact the agents dressed in red (Prime Time) or blue (SuperShuttle) uniforms and they will assist with your LAX transportation needs.
    • You will be placed in a van with passengers going to similar direction.


Expensive, but you won’t have to stress about anything—except your presentation.

  • Taxi cabs wait outside every terminal at LAX, ready to pick you up and whisk you away to your fabulous destination. However, you’ll have to book a cab yourself for the ride back to LAX from USC/your hotel.
  • Prices vary depending on company and traffic: $40-80 USD.
  • Plenty of options, but here are the two major ones:
  • Uber/Lyft: convenient and cheap—but watch out for that surge pricing.
    • These servies pick up passengers from the Departures level, so you’ll need to find an elevator (or similar) to get you up there from the Arrivals level.

Public Transportation

Cheapest of all, and most scenic; however, it will take a very long time.

  • FlyAway Bus: only $8 USD
    • Book Online:
    • Pay when you get to the bus (it stops at every terminal).
    • Shuttles run from LAX to Union Station every 30 minutes.
  • Getting from Union Station to USC:
    • USC Shuttle: Free shuttle from Union Station to USC that runs on weekdays only.
    • Metro Rail: $1.75 for each leg of the journey; requires a one-time purchase of a TAP card for $1.
      • Take either the Red or Purple Line to the 7th St/Metro Center Station.
      • Transfer to the Expo Line (turquoise-colored).
      • Take the Expo Line to either the Jefferson/USC stop (for the Radisson hotel) or the Expo Park/USC stop (for the campus).


There are several options for parking on campus; like everything in Los Angeles, you can shell out for maximum convenience or take a cheaper but less cushy tack.

Parking on campus: $12/day

There are four large parking lots on campus; on Fridays there should be enough parking space, and on weekends even more.

USC is a gated campus. On the weekends, only Gates 3 and 6 are open at all times.

Gate 6 (on Vermont St and 36th ave) gives access to Parking Structure A (PSA), which is the closest parking structure to the conference venue.

Gate 3 (on Figueroa St. and McCarthy way) gives access to Parking Structure X (PSX) which is across campus from the conference venue and has no elevator.

Metered parking: $1-2/hour

You can find metered parking on Jefferson Ave. and Figueroa St. You can park for two or four hours at a time, depending on which meter you find. Meters take credit cards, so don’t worry if you forgot your pocket change at home. Be careful about going over your time or accidentally parking in the wrong space—the LAPD are very ticket-happy!

Surface street parking: free

There is typically parking available on the side streets north of campus, between Adams and Jefferson (north and south), and Vermont and Figueroa (east and west). Street parking is more plentiful on weekends. However, it’s every car for itself, so take your own safety precautions!

Make sure you park in an area that is available for street parking at that time—again, the LAPD give out tickets like they’re going out of style.

Useful Parking Resources

Getting around LA

If you want to explore the city, public transportation offers a convenient and cheap option. Remember to use the buddy system! If you’ve rented a car, then you can get around like most Angelenos, complete with honking horns and scary left-turns. Or you can Uber or Lyft your way around, like a savvy citizen of the digital age.

The Expo Line has three stops at USC: Jefferson/USC, Expo Park/USC, and Expo/Vermont. Not only is the Expo Line cheap and fast, but it can get you to cool places, like Downtown LA, Culver City, and Santa Monica. That’s right, you can go to the beach to work on your tan and get back in time to present!